Who Else Wants to Change Their Life?

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My name is Eric. I have a family and a career, but I need a life.


Sound strange? Don’t those two components make up one’s life? Perhaps … but I would argue that there needs to be a balance and some more diversity. With confidence I can tell you this: “Your work is not your life.” It might seem like it is, but it shouldn’t be.

My explicit confession: I work too much and need to spend more time with my family and dedicate focus to other areas of my life. This is my struggle.

To add to this challenge, my wife and I are expecting our third child in the next week. My life will change, and it will be an exciting one at that. How do I make time for this new addition in my life?

We work too much as it is already, typically 5 out of our 7 days a week and at 8 or more hours per day. That is probably under estimated when we include our inability to leave work at the workplace. I am sure you spend most of your day working or thinking about work. If this is true, you are the type of reader I would like to collaborate with.


I am blogging as a means to address my personal life challenges. I have some today that I would like to face and I am bound to experience others as life moves on.

What is going on in your life that you need to change? You might have similar challenges in your life. Why don’t we try to solve them together, after all aren’t more ideas better?


I’ve done a lot of reading and research to try and solve my problems. I’ve also had some time to think of some things to try out on my own. In order to make a better life for myself and reach my goals, I’ll be writing on the following topics:

  • Find efficiencies in my work to have time for life (productivity)
  • Willpower and self-discipline
  • Habit change
  • Finding time for exercise, family, friends, and your own self to develop your mind and spirit (time management)
  • Needing less tangible things to live more fully
  • Workaholic personalities and Procrastination (these two are like peas and carrots)
  • Mindfulness and Gratitude
  • Personal organization

Everything I post about will be something I have already done or am currently working towards. This is a learning experience and a perpetual work in progress.


To start, I will be posting articles and starting conversations on the topics above at least once per week. My eventual goal will be to post 4-5 times a week.


Please visit this site often and let’s work on our challenges together. You can stay in touch with me by subscribing to this blog via RSS feed, email delivery, Facebook, and/or Twitter with the icons at the top of this page.

The best way to reach me is by adding a comment to a post. You can also use the form on this site or email me directly. This site should be is intended to be a dialogue, not a monologue. Please participate, please give feedback, please know you can also disagree. I do have a comment policy that you should read if you will end up posting comments on this site.


Focus on being somebody rather than simply doing something.

End your day and start your life. We can do this together!

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