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Please don’t let me scare you away. My real intention for this post is not focused on politics. I am not endorsing a candidate or any particular political view. My goal is to help you develop one or more good habits.

2012 election season, develop good habits instead

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The only way to stop procrastinating is to start something.

It’s funny, when I came up with the idea to write about procrastination, my first thought was that I would start writing it tomorrow. I’m not kidding.

While it may be obvious, it’s helpful to remember:

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”


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My goal is to share a very simple solution to getting more things done without a lot of hype and a virtually non-existant learning curve. I find that it also helps keep me from procrastinating to some extent. If you feel that you are not getting enough done, or that you really don’t have control over your daily work, keep reading for a plan that promises some immediate relief.


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My name is Eric. I have a family and a career, but I need a life.


Sound strange? Don’t those two components make up one’s life? Perhaps … but I would argue that there needs to be a balance and some more diversity. With confidence I can tell you this: “Your work is not your life.” It might seem like it is, but it shouldn’t be.

My explicit confession: I work too much and need to spend more time with my family and dedicate focus to other areas of my life. This is my struggle.

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